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Little more than lore, The Candyman is said to have been a successful merchant before his descent into despondence. His collection of rare and exotic minerals granted him an audience within the marble walls of New Founding's elite. Here he lived a lavish life of luxury and excess, yet remained very much separate from the noble class. Ultimately, the greed that gave him rise would lead to his demise. Unable to feed his patrons' cravings for precious stones, the merchant was cast aside. Banished from Sanctum and subject to torment from New Founding's oppressed, he frantically sought to return to the graces of his former employers. Years of travel throughout Archaos proved to be a frivolous endeavor as large pockets of the lands' resources had been razed from decades of conflict. Whether by chance of misfortune, his efforts lead him to stumble upon the fabled Citadel of the Consumed. Although a shambled cavern of its former glory, the shrine contained the very treasure believed to have been myth - a trove of mesmerizing sapphire constructs. These gemstones, however, were not sought for their monetary value. Rather, they possessed a value far beyond that of any materialistic desire. Radiating the essence of an otherworldly energy, it's promise of insurmountable power resulted in centuries of bloodshed as warbands fought to claim possession of the site. Doing so came with a perilous price. A realization that came far too late for the tattered traveler. As his body became filled with manic vitality, his mind withdrew into madness through exposure to these crystalline idols - effectively consumed by the citadel. While there are no first-hand accounts of his existence, tales of grizzly deaths continue to persist in remote regions of Archaos. Factual or fictitious, fear of The Candyman remains very real in the hearts of those who share such stories.

Centurions seemed to receive a much higher rate of pay than the average legionary, twice as much or more (possibly as much as 17 times as much as a legionary soldier [7] ). Veteran legionaries often worked as tenants of their former centurions. [8]

In his former life, he was known as  Diederick Kastner , a highly devout and zealous Templar of the Twin-Tailed Comet , born scant few years after Magnus the Pious and the first Great War against Chaos . Though Diederick Kastner, the man who would in his despair take up the dreaded mantle of Archaon, was born as an Imperial in the province of Nordland , it was foretold in the Liber Caelistior , the dread Book of Divination penned by Necrodomo the Insane , that North and South would meet in the Everchosen's blood. And indeed this was so; for Archaon bears mixed Norscan and Nordlander heritage, his father having been a champion from the Varg tribes who forced himself upon a cowering innocent during a raid that had seen his birth-village of Hargendorf burned to the ground in 2390 IC . With the death of his mother, and the hatred of his step-father for his origins, the rape-spawned child would later go on to be adopted by a local Sigmarite Priest and become a Knight-Templar of the Order of the Twin-Tailed Orb , fighting valorously and faithfully in the service of the God-King Sigmar. But once his true heritage and destiny was revealed to him, Diederick Kastner despaired and looked for salvation, travelling many miles towards the heart of his faith.

Archaos - Centuries Of ObedienceArchaos - Centuries Of ObedienceArchaos - Centuries Of ObedienceArchaos - Centuries Of Obedience