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Morricone still lives in Rome, the city he was born and raised in, and famously speaks only a few words of English. You can’t get more Italian than that, but as the adage goes, his music is a universal language. He is most readily associated with the westerns of Sergio Leone,  but as this list will hopefully show, his musical range extends far beyond Leone’s cinema. “They’re all my children…every score I’ve done,” he often say s , which influenced a plethora of artists across musical genres: artists like Yo-Yo Ma , Goldfrapp , Black Sabbath , DJ Premiere , and Metallica have each paid Morricone homage at one point or another. He is above any other film composer past or present, barring maybe Bernard Herrmann , in revolutionizing the way we understand film music.

Ennio Morricone - La CaliffaEnnio Morricone - La CaliffaEnnio Morricone - La CaliffaEnnio Morricone - La Califfa